Steve Tuttle's Woodworking

I have enjoyed making furniture for over a decade and I specialize in tables, hutches and desks. All of the pieces made are solid wood construction(Veneered products may be employed for strength/engineering reasons on entertainment centers), using classic joinery. Mortise and tenon joints are pinned with dowels and all drawers are dovetailed front and back. Maple, Cherry, Oak, “Old Growth” Longleaf Pine and Poplar (secondary wood) are woods used for all of my furniture. Dimensions, hardware and stain colors can be customized upon request. Please contact me to discuss your particular needs. Pieces are finished to a satin luster using water based lacquer or an optional hand rubbed Danish oil finish.

I maintain high environmental standards through the two primary components of my woodworking. The first is with the materials used in the construction and the second is with the finishes that are applied to the final product. These tenets apply not only to the global environment, but to the environment I work in every day, as well as the environment in which you will use the furniture. Following this approach does add about 5% to 10% to the cost of these materials, but I am committed to following this path.

The hardwoods used in the construction of my furniture are Cherry, Maple, Oak and Poplar. These are all North American species. I use only wood which has been certified by the Smart Wood Program. This program works in conjunction with the Forest Stewardship Council to certify wood which is harvested with the best forest management practices. The other wood I use in construction is recycled Longleaf Heart Pine. This wood comes from two primary sources; salvage from old buildings and from logs recovered from waterways once used for transporting logs to market. This recycled Pine makes full utilization of timbers without new logging.

The finishes employed are water-based, bio-degradable or natural (shellac). These stains and finishes have very low or non existent VOC content which is good for the planet, good for the person applying them and good for the customer.

Mission End Table
  • Wood(s): Solid Red Oak
  • Style: Mission, Arts & Crafts
  • Size: 23"h x 24"w x 18"d
Hall Table
  • Wood(s): Solid Hard Maple Top
  • Style: Colonial
  • Size: 27"h x 32"w x 16"d
Sofa Table
  • Wood(s): Solid Cherry
  • Style: Shaker
  • Size: 27"h x 60"w x 16"d
Coffee Table
  • Wood(s): Solid Reclaimed Longleaf Pine
  • Style: Shaker
  • Size: 16"h x 56"w x 24"d

Pine Bookcase
  • Wood(s): Solid Reclaimed Longleaf Pine
  • Style: Country
  • Size: 73"h x 34"w x 25"d
Mission Desk w/Stickly Hardware and Bookcase
  • Wood(s): Quartersawn White Oak (Poplar secondary)
  • Style: Mission
  • Size: 30"h x 65"w x 30"d